International Company is looking for a Technology Director


Title:  Technology Director


This position is responsible for all related to Technology Departments issues, including Product Development, Technical support for Procurement, Technical Support for Sales, Customer Technical Support, Claims regarding Quality of Products, Quality Control, Process Control as well.

The Individual must provide support to more junior staff and be able to allocate human resource, as well as to delegate the work accordingly. The daily responsibility is to monitor plant operation, provide support to the Operation manager and work closely with operation and maintenance teams. 


  • Organize, implement and maintain production process flow
  • Develop working instructions, workmanship standards and process documents, and ensure they are followed
  • Improve continually existing operation, for increased quality, productivity, efficiency and cost savings
  • Investigate operational problems affecting production and reporting and recommending solutions
  • Manage manufacturing documentation required for product manufacturing i.e. revise drawing, BOM, accurate work instructions and workmanship standards and process procedures
  • Provide manufacturing data i.e. production control charts, reliability, process
  • Assess processes, take measurements and interpret data
  • Provide process documentation and operating instructions
  • Ensure in compliance with company and industry standards.
  • Develop and implement process improvement strategies.
  • Work closely with the staff to select most appropriate process improvement techniques.
  • Prioritize and develop projects based on critical needs.
  • Optimize current processes to meet all customer and internal requirements.
  • Work with multi-functional team to achieve project goals.
  • Develop and maintain process related documents.
  • Recommend new ideas and techniques to ensure project success.
  • Evaluate current processes and provide recommendations.
  • Perform process design, development, and implementation of capital projects
  • Analyze and troubleshoot process problems so as to make continuous and permanent improvements.
  • Technology Manager must be accountable and is completely responsible for what they do during his/her work in the plant.
  • Technology Manager must also carefully document technical processes and procedures to ensure that all processes comply with both industry safety regulations and Operating manuals.
  • Technology Manager needs excellent eye for details. Technology Manager will be responsible for delivering regular recommendations on how to maintain staff levels and lower costs, while meeting all of the quality standards set forth by the company and government regulations.
  • Technology Manager has the obligation to report on the actual status of the plant, explain and be answerable for resulting consequences of any potential actions.
  • He/she provides weekly /monthly report, and information on raw material, catalyst and chemicals consumption of the plant for planning.



  • Knowledge of polymerization technologies and processes
  • Knowledge of theory for polyolefins reaction (such as bulk, slurry and gas-phase polymerization technology), heat transfer (such as shell & tube heat exchanger), distillation column and operating of rotating machine such as pumps, blower and compressors, etc.                                                                                                                                   
  • Experience in product management and product development
  • Experience in quality management
  • Experience in customer support
  • Confidence with PFD/PID/Datasheets                                                                                                                                         
  • Knowledge of process related standards


  • Planning and Organizing skills
  • Target Orientation
  • Time management
  • Strong communication skills with influence
  • Team orientation
  • Detail orientation
  • Assertiveness and flexibility
  • Problem solving
  • Strong logical thinking and quick learning abilities
  • Leadership Skill                                                  

Education and experience

  • Minimum 10+ years of professional experience within Petrochemical Industry
  • Advanced knowledge of Azeri and English
  • Good knowledge of Russian is an asset


Interested candidates should follow the link below:

The above vacancy is addressed to nationals of Azerbaijan or with permanent residency in Azerbaijan. All eligible applications for the advertised post will be assessed and given equal opportunities.

Application closing date: March 27, 2023