Romania bans Russian-flagged ships from entering its ports


Vessels registered in Russia will not be able to call at Romanian ports on the Black Sea or on the Danube, APA reports citing TASS.

The ban, established at the European level, will also affect yachts and pleasure craft.

Thus, starting April 17, “the entry into Romanian ports of any ship registered under the Russian flag, including ships that have changed the Russian flag to the flag of any other state or changed the flag of registration in Russia before registration in any other state after February 24, 2022” .

However, the ban will not apply to ships in need of assistance and seeking asylum, or to make an emergency stop in port for maritime safety reasons or to save lives at sea.

The new package of anti-Russian sanctions included a ban on EU ports for ships registered under the Russian flag after April 16, stating that derogations would be allowed for agricultural and food products, humanitarian aid and energy.