The ferry vessel Shahdag has been returned to operation after being overhauled


The ferry vessel Shahdag, belonging to the Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping CJSC (ASCO) has been overhauled.

The high-quality repair have completed in time at “Zigh” Ship Repair and Construction Yard. As such, the main and auxiliary engines, pumps and refrigerators of the ferry vessel have been overhauled. Necessary works have been carried out on the auxiliary steam boiler and auxiliary boiler of the Vessel.  Hull welding, pipe installation and automation works were performed in respect of the vessel and new compressors installed. 

What is more, accommodation and service  of the ferry vessel have been repaired to the satisfaction of modern requirements and new furniture installed.

The underwater and above water parts, as well as the main deck were painted after being cleaned by means of abrasive sandblasting.

The ferry vessel, which successfully passed through sea trials, has been returned to operation. The vessel successfully performed her first voyage to Turkmenistan after being overhauled.

 The length of the ferry vessel Shahdag is154,5 meters and width 18,3 meters. The ship has a carrying capacity of 4,850 tons.