Técnicas Reunidas is looking for a Stress Engineer


Work Position: Stress Engineer

Job Description

  • Study and use correctly the documentation and specifications of the Project, obtaining the technical quality and the required productivity.
  • Conduct the Pipeline Stress analysis.
  • Support of isometric of special lines.
  • Make the plans of special supports in critical lines.
  • Preparation and verification of the “clips” in equipment.
  • Report the loads originated by the pipes on equipment, platforms, structures and foundations to the corresponding departments.
  • Check and communicate loads on connections to equipment requiring approval.
  • Review and approval of suppliers’ calculations.
  • Discuss the plans of the other Departments.
  • Discuss the plans of the vendor’s equipment.
  • Calculate and realize the requisitions of springs, antivibrators, dampers, expansion joints, sliding plates and cryogenic supports.
  • Tabulate the requisitions of springs, antivibratorios, dampers, expansion joints, sliding plates and cryogenic supports, and checking the plans of sellers.
  • Inform the Leader of Stress and Supports of the changes to the Contract and the LL that emerged during the development of the projects.
  • Inform the Leader of Stress and Supports of technical problems and unresolved differences with other departments.
  • Provide technical assistance to other departments.
  • Site Visits to review and support construction on definition on the required site adaptations for existing or new designs.
  • The above duties are general and substantive components of the labour functions and there are likely to be other duties to be performed that are expected to be performed by a person occupying this position.

Eligible candidates send your CV in English to [email protected]  07.05.2022 with subject line: Stress Engineer

Only shortlisted candidates will be invited to the further stages of the recruitment process