Baku Port continues the traditional social project of “Let’s celebrate Novruz together


Giving high attention and continuous care to the families of martyrs, veterans is among top priorities of the State in Azerbaijan. “Baku International Sea Trade Port” CJSC (Baku Port), in turn, implements its social project named “Let’s celebrate Novruz together” on the eve of Novruz every year to support these activities.

In order to continue this tradition on March 17-19, the management and staff of Port of Baku visited all the families of martyrs and veterans living in the Alat settlement, including families in need of social care, congratulated them on the upcoming Novruz holiday and delivered Novruz gifts.We thank Alat Municipality for their support in the implementation of the valuable social project – “Let’s celebrate Novruz together”.We congratulate each of you on the occasion of Novruz holiday, which is a symbol of unity and equality, and wish you good health and prosperity.