Baku Port posts 15% increase in total throughput


Last year, the Baku International Trade Sea Port CJSC (Port of Baku) demonstrated the following growth of its performance: total throughput grew by 14,6%; dry cargo handling by 66%; and container transportation by 11,6%. This has exceeded the forecasts and amounted TO 104% of the forecasted volume, Report informs.

The observed increase of cargo volume, including the growth of containerized cargo, can be regarded as a bolstering of transit capabilities of Azerbaijan and along the corridors crossing Azerbaijan, connecting it into the international logistics.

As an important chain in the Transcaspian International Transportation Route, the Port’s total handling volume has reached 5,6 million tons, which is 14,6% more than that of 2020.

Over 5,1 million tons or 92,7% out of total handling volume is transit cargo.

Another important case of growth is observed in the volume of crude oil and oil products handling at the Dubandi Oil Terminal. In 2021, the volume of crude oil and oil products handling has increased by 2,3 times in comparison with 2020 and exceeded 1.1 million tons.

It should be noted that ongoing limitations imposed on borders due to the COVID 19 pandemics in 2021 have brought some supply chain disruptions along international transportation routes. Thus, during the reporting period, there was a decrease of 8.8% in the transportation of long-haul trucks. 39,341 (TIR) trucks were transported via the Port of Baku, and 23,476 (59,5%) vehicles out of that number were bound for Baku-Turkmenbashy-Baku, and 15,955 (40,5%) – Baku – Kuryk – Baku.

At the same time, 18.7% contraction is observed in railroad cars handling in the Ferry Terminal. Last year, the number of railroad cars transported via the Port of Baku was equal to 30,426, and 20,867 out of that number were bound for Baku-Turkmenbashy-Baku (68,6%), 9,559 railroad cars were bound for Baku-Kuryk/Aktau-Baku (31,4%). It should be noted that Although A decline is observed in the transportation of long-haul trucks (TIR) in 2021, compared with the year 2020, it grew by 17% in comparison with 2019. Despite some decrease in percentage in the areas mentioned above, overall, total handling volume has increased.

In general, results obtained at the Port of Baku have been positive in the year 2021, exceeding the forecasts by 4% set previously for last year. The growth of handling volume at the Port of Baku is linked to the rise of the non-oil GDP of Azerbaijan, and it contributes to the capabilities of Azerbaijan as a trans-logistics hub in the region.