Caspian Drilling Company is looking for a Derrickman


Job Title: Derrickman

Job Description

·         Assists as directed in rig move, nippling up diverter, BOP system mixing drilling fluids.

·         Prepares Builds mud and tests all mud circulating equipment.

·         Repairs or performs preventive maintenance for all solid control, mixing pump, hoppers.

·         Monitors mud pumps, mud volume, pit level and advises Driller of loss or gain.

·         Adjusts or changes mud properties as directed.

·         Assists rig floor crew in makeup test string, tools, and equipment and properly perform testing operation as directed.

·         Monitors mud returns through mud conditioning equipment and advises Driller of any changes in fluid make-up (i.e., gas bubbles, etc.).

·         Assists \relieve on rig floor as required.

·         Assists as directed with maintenance and/or repair projects in other areas of rig.

·         Clean and inspect mud tanks as required.

·         Assists as directed in anchoring up procedures.

·         Assists in running underwater television camera to position above guide base.

·         Knowledgeable regarding emergency signals and proceeds to emergency station as required by station bill in emergency.

·         Reports details of equipment damage to supervisor immediately.

·         Participate in and contribute to appropriate safety & emergency drills, as well as safety and operational meetings.

·         Maintains logbook reflecting operating hours on mud pumps and maintenance performed.

·         Maintains logbook of mud weights, volume, and viscosity readings taken throughout the tour while circulating system is employed.

Please send your CV to [email protected] indicating the position title “Derrickman”  in the subject line of your email.

Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.