International Company is looking for a Well Contruction Business Controller For Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan And Kazakhstan


Minimum 5-7 years related field experience.  At least 4 years in equivalent or level down role.

Degree qualified: Degree qualified /relevant experience

– Record Revenue Accruals-Conduct Contract Assessment

– Validate Revenue Recognition Criteria

– Perform Revenue Accounting

– Prepare Tender/Proposal Technical Documentation

– Prioritize Opportunities for Engagement

– Analyze Customer Contract Commercial Performance

– Analyze Customer Contract Financial Performance

– Develop Income Before Tax Forecast

– Develop Direct Contribution Margin Forecast

– Review Contract Profitability and  Business Unit Profitability  

– Develop and manage the financial business plans and forecasts through active collaboration with SP and OPRM functions to develop market driven revenue forecasts and resource demand plans (CAPEX, Product, Workforce) with challenging but realistic goals relative to market conditions.

– Review financial profitability reports (including performance versus plan) and highlights profitability concerns to the GeoMarket Operations Manager and team as well as the GeoMarket Controller. Collaborate to identify root causes and propose/implement action plans around profitability issues.

– Review all major tenders (risks and opportunities), contractual terms and evaluate impact on IBT associated with pricing in bids vs. optimization of people/resources (i.e. FA, Inventory, M&S…).

– Optimize free cash flow, including key indicators like DSO, CAPEX, inventory, and liquidity.

– Monitor and actively participate in management of productivity and performance metrics managed by the PLs.

– Monitor and enforce internal controls and compliance.

– Engage to coach GeoMarket operations management on financial principles, as well as providing advice to financial enquiries.

–  Participate in managing local alliances and joint ventures

Interested candidates shall e-mail their CVs’ to [email protected] with name of position in e-mail’s title.