Governments vow to protect nature and improve farming methods


Some 45 governments have vowed to protect nature and shift to better ways of farming, APA reports citing BBC.

Many forests and grasslands, which previously soaked up our carbon emissions, are actually giving out carbon as soils are damaged and trees are felled.

The expansion of cattle ranching is a big problem.

Governments are now channelling £3bn ($4bn) to help farmers protect nature, emit less CO2 and methane from livestock, and cope with a heating climate.

The UK is promoting the initiative but the Wildlife Trusts say it also must urgently reform subsidies for British farming.

The oceans are vital too, absorbing about a third of our carbon emissions.

But over-fishing, pollution and global heating are harming the seas, and the acidification of sea water caused by CO2 is deadly to coral reefs.

The UK is chipping in £6m ($8m) to a UN fund to help developing nations protect their seas.

Critics say the cash and related policies are welcome but not nearly enough.