Turkey announces completion date for construction of wind power plant in Istanbul


The construction of a wind power plant in the Silivri district of Turkey’s Istanbul will be completed in 2022, the country’s Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources told Trend.

According to the ministry, the construction of the power plant began in 2020.

“There will be spent 26 million Turkish liras ($3.04 million) on the construction of the plant this year, the cost of the project is 38 million liras ($4.4 million),” added the ministry.

Turkey’s expenditures on the implementation of energy projects as of 2021 will amount to 16.8 billion Turkish liras ($1.9 billion), while last year this figure was 44.5 billion Turkish liras ($5.1 billion).

By the end of this year, 125 energy projects will be implemented in Turkey. The foreign loans in the amount of 3.1 billion Turkish liras ($358.9 million) will be issued for their implementation.

Some 16.6 billion Turkish liras ($1.9 billion) out of 44.5 billion Turkish liras ($5.1 billion), which were allocated for implementing the energy projects, accounted for the foreign loans.

(1 USD = 8.6582 TL on August 10)