Pioneer Engineering is Looking for a QHSE Manager


Job Title: QHSE Manager

  • Shall be responsible for the implementation, Accreditation and maintenance of the QHSE Management Systems in accordance with API Q1/ISO 14001, 18001 Requirements 
  • Reporting to top Management and Group QHSE Manager on the performance of the QHSE Management System and any need for improvement.
  • Assist higher management to define and document organization’s Quality & HSE policies and objectives, and commitment to Quality, health, safety and environment.
  • To ensure that the Quality and HSE Policies are understood, implemented and maintained at all levels in the organization.
  • To work jointly with the management team in order to define the responsibility, authority and the interrelation of all personnel, who manage, perform and verify work-affecting quality, health & safety and environment.
  • Manage the Quality Control functions for the consistent quality products through the development and enforcement of excellent manufacturing practices, and procedures.
  • To work with the management team in identifying in-house verification requirements, provide adequate resources and assign trained personnel for verification activities.
  • To review the requirements of the Quality and environmental Standards at appropriate intervals to ensure the standards continuing suitability and effectiveness to the organization.
  • To record the results of the review of the Legal and other requirements.
  • To establish, implement and maintain documented QMS system.
  • Follows up customer complaints and works together with management to reduce complaints.
  • Ensuring initiation of actions to minimize the likelihood of the occurrence of nonconformities.
  • Ensuring the promotion of awareness of customer requirements thought out the organization.
  • To co-ordinate with the management team in order to establish and maintain procedures to control all documents and data that relate to the requirements of QHSE standards of the departments.
  • To establish and maintain procedures for identification, collection, indexing, filing, storage, maintenance and disposition of QHSE and other records.
  • To carry out a comprehensive system of planned and documented internal QHSE audits to verify whether QHSE activities comply with planned arrangements and to determine the effectiveness of the QHSE management systems. 
  • To document the results of the audit and bring to the attention of the personnel responsible for the area to take corrective action.
  • To co-ordinate with the management team for establishing and maintaining procedures for identifying the training needs and provide for the training of all personnel performing activities affecting Pioneer’s quality and Environmental systems.
  • To Organize and participate in Management Review Meetings and highlight the improvement areas.
  • To liaise with the Client QHSE representatives.

The CVs to be sent to the email: [email protected] with the identification of the applied position