Técnicas Reunidas is Looking for a HSE Manager


Position: HSE Manager

Job Description

  • Overall responsibility for implementing and leading the Construction Phase Health and Safety (HSSE) Plan on the construction areas.
  • Actively lead Health and Safety issues and support the HSSE Team.
  • Lead HSSE meetings when necessary and allocate resources for HSSE reporting, site areas inspections, training and information, accident investigation, environmental management as well as any other aspect of the HSSE system applied on site.
  • Establishing with construction supervisors and managers a clear understanding of each member’s responsibilities and specific duties.
  • Integrate Health, Safety and Environmental procedures, standards, and processes into the planning and execution of the work.
  • Encourage all employees to maintain acceptable standards of HSSE and foster employees awareness on the importance of health, safety and environment issues and their collaboration.
  • Encourage worker participation in reporting hazards/incidents and with suggestions to reduce accident potential.
  • Establish and update appropriate emergency procedures and ensure compliance with project requirements and relevant authorities requirements in the construction areas.
  • Ensure that the workplace is well organized and tidy by establishing at the early stages correct lay-down areas and waste disposal areas.
  • Be aware of all statutory authority regulations, acts and codes, licenses and special requirements and ensure adherence.
  • Authorize to stop the work when there are failures to work safely.
  • Ensure adequate facilities for waste management are in place.
  • Ensure that appropriate controls and disciplinary actions are applied in line with project requirements in the construction areas, when and where necessary.
  • Establish a full programme of documented health & safety inspections, audits and checks.
  • Assert overall responsibility and accountability for the technical and professional execution and integration of the Construction HSSE Plan on Site.
  • Establish a structured programme of health & safety training throughout the Company.
  • Prepare HSSE induction and HSSE Training programs, in order to ensure all supervisory personnel and employees receive adequate and appropriate HSSE Training according to their assignment.
  • Ensure Construction Contractors provides evidence of the experience, training and proficiency of employees prior to starting work on site.
  • Request the necessary HSSE personnel to form his team according to the project needs. Allocating responsibilities for all people employed in his owned staff.
  • Review and approve Construction Contractors HSSE Plans.
  • Evaluate Construction Contractors HSSE performance on site.
  • Investigate methods of minimizing hazards at the workplace and promote interest in the hazard identification and control strategies.
  • Distribute to Construction Contractors standards, procedures or any other document that may be required to organize works safely.
  • Ensure that Construction Contractors is informed and aware of all Health, Safety, Security and Environmental requirements.
  • Request the proper installation of an adequate number and type of firefighting equipment, according to the Construction HSSE Plan.
  • Ensure risk assessments and Job Safety Analysis is carried out in order to take the necessary measures to prevent any risks arising from the construction activities.
  • Together with EPCM Construction Supervisors and Construction Contractors HSSE team, pay special attention to the specific risks of operations that have to be carried out in hazardous areas or in presence of harmful substances.
  • Enforce the implementation of the Field equipment inspection program from Construction Contractors.
  • Participate in EPCM or Employer scheduled work area audits or inspections and implement and document any required corrective action.
  • In the event of an accident/ incident, prepare accident/ incident reports and investigations, both for site and governmental bodies in conjunction with Construction Contractors.
  • Promote motivation activities to increase Health, Safety, Security and Environmental awareness on Site.
  • Attend scheduled HSSE Meetings and organize jointly with Employer and Construction Contractors the Safety Meetings required to discuss particularly important topics on Health, Safety, Security and Environment.
  • Establish and maintain all Safety, Security, Health and Environmental record- keeping systems.
  • Prepare periodic HSSE reports and Final HSSE Report, ensuring their distribution in a timely manner.
  • Collaborate with the responsible to issue permits to work and have available copies of all work permits required in order to guarantee compliance with their conditions and regulations.
  • Distribute minimum of 24 hours in advance, notices advising all interested parties of tests that are being performed or warning them about possible new risk conditions.
  • Ensure Construction Contractors understands and implements correctly the Construction Environmental Management Plan and waste management on site.  Ensure Construction Contractors compliance with all HSSE Requirements.

Eligible candidates send your CV in English to [email protected]   30/06/2021 with subject line: HSE Manager.

Only shortlisted candidates will be invited to the further stages of the recruitment process.