Técnicas Reunidas is Looking for a CMS Leader


Position: CMS Leader

CMS Leader will be responsible for setting up, updating, maintaining and managing the Completion Database and the Completion Management Software (HCS — in house built software) where all records related to Turnover and Handover will be uploaded as well as the MASTER Punch Lists. He/she is responsible for assisting the Handover Manager in all his duties.

Main responsibilities/duties:

Administrator of Completion Management System (HCS— in house software) as part of the Tecnicas Reunidas Handover organization.

Focal point for all HCS related matters such as check sheet updates, Punch Lists, Drawings, tagging and inspection requirement updates,

Responsible to organize and control the workflow for all Database Operators & Punchlist Coordinator, Ensuring all database (HCS) elements are correctly updated and monitored in the system for progress tracking and reporting, 

Prepare Systems Completion and Punch List reports,

Support System Owners with the TOPs preparation,

Ensure documentation workflow within the different project departments, CMS training to Tecnicas Reunidas and Client CMS users/operators.

Required Skills:

• Leadership

• Well organized, methodical and disciplined

• Strong communications skills

• Database management

• Excel software proficiency is a must

• SQL database knowledge will add value to the candidate

Eligible candidates send your CV in English to [email protected] 28.06.2021  with subject line:CMS Leader

Only shortlisted candidates will be invited to the further stages of the recruitment process.