Planned places for admission to the ASMA for year 2021 were announced


In accordance with the state order, the number of planned places allocated in various specialties for admission to the Azerbaijan State Marine Academy of ASCO in the 2021/2022 academic year has been announced.

In general, 200 places were allocated for the Azerbaijani, Russian and English sectors to obtain a bachelor’s degree in the ASMA. A certain number of planned places were allocated for each specialty:  85 places – for Marine Navigation Engineering (Azerbaijani sector – 55 places, Russian sector – 15 places, English sector – 15 places), 20 –  Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 80 – Operation of ship power plants (Azerbaijani sector – 50 places, Russian sector – 15 places, English sector – 15 places), and 15 – Shipbuilding and ship repair engineering.

To enter the Academy this year, applicants are not required to pass a special medical commission before the exams. Those who successfully pass the exams and become students will bring a health certificate from the clinic in their area. An additional announcement will be made.

Admission of students to the Master’s degree program at the ASMA will be carried out on four specialties and 5 specializations.

6 places were allocated for of “Maritime engineering and technology” specialty,7 places for “Marine equipment and machinery” operation specialty, 9 places – for “Navigation and ship traffic management” specialty, and 3 places for “Electrical Engineering” specialty. In total, 25 places were allocated, 18 to the Azerbaijani sector, and 7 to the Russian sector.