World Oceans Day is celebrated on Tuesday


World Oceans Day is celebrated on Tuesday: the United Nations established it in 2008 to draw the world’s attention to the issues related to the hydrosphere. These are climate change, depletion of fish resources and plastic pollution of waters.

Portugal, presiding over the Council of the EU, has big plans in this regard, called the “Blue Agenda within the Green Deal”. It should highlight the importance of the oceans for rebuilding sustainable economies in Europe and the world.

«The ocean today is not only a victim of problems, but it itself can become a solution to a number of problems: for example, when it comes to renewable energy sources that can replace fossil sources. Eventually we will have to move from a production policy to a production policy. But political decisions cannot be made taken without the participation of society, and if we want these decisions to be scientifically based, our society must be literate and educated», says Ricardo Serrao Santos, Minister of the Sea of Portugal.

Next year, Portugal should host the World Conference on Oceans under the auspices of the United Nations. It was planned for February, but due to the epidemic situation, it was decided to postpone the forum.