SOCAR supplies 100 tons of LPG to Ukraine


SOCAR New Energy, jointly established by SOCAR and Russia’s Rosneft to transport oil products of Rosneft to Ukraine, supplied 1,000 tons of LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) during the first six days of June, Report informs, referring to Ukrainian media.

Of this, 100 tons were delivered to SOCAR Energy Ukraine.

According to information, 27,000 tons of LPG were delivered to Ukraine in the reporting period, up 3,500 tons from a month earlier.

In the reporting period, 10,700 tons of LPG were exported from Russia to Ukraine. Moreover, the country imported 8,000 tons of LPG from Kazakhstan, 30% less than a month ago.

Belarus transported 5,200 tons of LPG. The supply of LPG from the country’s western borders amounted to 3,100 tons, 19% less than a month ago. The LPG supply from Lithuania made up 1,100 tons.