Overhaul of the ASCO Vessel Named after the National Hero Tabriz Khalilbeyli


The overhaul of a diving vessel named after the national hero Tabriz Khalilbeyli and owned by the Caspian Sea Oil Fleet of Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company (ASCO) has been completed.

The repair was carried out at the “Bibi-Heybat” Ship Repair Yard.

One auxiliary engine of Tabriz Khalilbeyli vessel underwent the overhaul and two – current repair. The windlass, oil and water coolers, air cylinder fittings, pipeline systems for various purposes, electrical parts and automatic control systems were repaired. To improve the conditions for the crew, necessary repair work was implemented in the sanitary facilities, the rest room, and cabins.

To check the condition of the underwater part, the vessel was taken to the dock. The bottom-side fittings and protector installations were repaired, the damaged metal plates and protective metal belts were replaced. After completion of cleaning and painting, the protective wheels on both decks were replaced.

Upon the completion of the repair, the vessel successfully passed trials at sea and was re-commissioned.