International Company is Looking for a Country Manager


Job Title: Country Manager

Work Location: Baku Office

Position Schedule: 1 year (renewable)

Education: Higher education, minimumMaster’s degree in Engineering or Social Sciences


Skills and Competences:

  • Thorough knowledge of the business, ensuring full compliance and application of Corporate Guidelines and Standards, pursuing Company main goals. Capability to define organizational and investment plans for company structures in terms of resources and equipment, in order to adjust them to production and market needs;
  • Know how to prepare capital (CAPEX) budget and operating (OPEX) budget proposals. Have a clear understanding of Authorization for Expenditure (AFE) activities including AFE procedures, AFE approval, AFE capitalization and AFE close-out;
  • Knowledge of the main regulations and laws applicable to the company and of the related law compliance principles to be adopted in the definition and implementation of suitable organizational models (i.e. Administrative Liability of Legal Entities, Internal Control System, Health and Safety Management, Privacy Management);
  • Knowledge of business administration principles;
  • Knowledge of Change Management principles referring to processes, systems, procedures (training, support, best practices, etc.), focused on integration among internal communication initiatives, training and organizational design. Capability to steer and foster cultural change through the various level of organizations.
  • Understand:
  • Organizational structures, main duties, responsibilities and powers of roles/positions, interactions between different structures
  • Operational and business models
  • Governance model of Group companies/branches
  • Understand processes and procedures related to:
  • staff, business support, business activities
  • compliance and governance.
  • Be able to carry out the operations in compliance with applicable procedures;
  • Knowledge of Enterprise Risk Management methodology, processes and tools
  • Understand theories, methodologies, techniques and tools for:
  • process analysis
  • processes re-engineering
  • design and issue of procedures
  • Be able to activate, managing and implementing processes improvement activities;
  • Be able to plan/monitor, draft, verify, issue procedures;
  • Knowledge of sustainable development principles and their application for a sustainable business model;
  • Ability to develop awareness on sustainable development principles;
  • Knowledge of local HSE legislation and main important international standards on HSE management system (e.g. ISO 14001 ISO 45001). Knowledge of company management system in order to be actively involved in their management and certification;
  • Knowledge of independent certification process, certification issued by third party certification body, rules and accreditation body;
  • Knowledge and implementation of Company HSE management system (policy, guidelines, standards and procedures) as per duties and responsibilities of their role;
  • Knowledge of social aspect management and Life Cycle Approach;
  • Knowledge of the process of preparing, evaluating, negotiating and proposing contractual documentation concerning partners, suppliers and customers;
  • Knowledge of contracts schemes and contractual terms and ability to analyses the main contractual conditions Knowledge of the process of claim and change management with regards to contracts with partners, suppliers and customers. Capability to address rights and responsibilities in a legal perspective and to highlighting pros and cons in relation to a certain variation, dispute or claim, distinguishing the commercial and legal constraints;
  • Knowledge of Local Laws and capability to interpret them;
  • Knowledge of the set of laws, rules, procedures and regulations governing the company management and control systems (i.e. related to company bodies organization and responsibilities, legal constraints and company obligations, organizational implications);
  • Knowledge of market analysis goals, techniques and outputs. Ability to build and maintain market analysis models. Knowledge of customer BI goals and activities;
  • Knowledge of Quality Management System fundamentals and ISO 9001 standard to approach correctly all quality matters and to manage improvement actions;
  • Capability to integrate all quality-related activities and matters throughout the Company. Capability to master overall quality techniques and methodologies;
  • Knowledge of principles defining the internal control system structure (ref. COSO Report), with focus on risk management activities. Risk management refers to all risks as categorized by the Internal Audit risk assessment model (including external risks, strategic, operative, compliance) Knowledge of methodologies and tools for conducting risk assessment in terms of detecting, evaluating and prioritizing risks. Knowledge of governance principles requested for evaluating the Internal Control and Risk Management System;
  • Understand theories, methodologies, techniques and tools for:
  • Benchmarking analysis
  • Organizational and powers analysis, design and representation
  • Roles/positions evaluation.
  • Be able to activate, managing and implementing organizational reengineering actions (on structures, powers, processes, operative schemes and compliance/governance models), evaluating costs and benefits for identified solutions;
  • Knowledge and ability to manage the Purchasing process procedures and best practices;
  • Strong interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills;
  • Strong managerial skills.

Languages: Azerbaijani (fluent); English (fluent)


  • According to relevant Group strategies, develop and execute them in order to attain Company/Branch goals;
  • Develop short/long term Company/Branch plans in coherence with Group strategies, ensuring availability of adequate resources and services to projects;
  • Manage relevant Compliance and Governance issues and business / business support processes in order to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of the Company/Branch;
  • Ensure the implementation of short/long strategic and operative plans related to the Company/Branch, guaranteeing their coherence with the approved strategies;
  • Ensure coherence with defined strategies and the Enterprise Model, guaranteeing complain with the Code of Ethics and the relevant Internal Control System;
  • Ensure the development of relevant Company/Branch Regulatory System and its operational implementation and application;
  • Ensure the management and development of Company/Branch resources;
  • Ensure that operative activities are properly coordinated, optimizing technical, economic and competitive results;
  • Ensure the process of Financial Statements drawing up and of other periodic company / branch achievements;
  • Ensure the optimization of overhead costs and the achievement of defined budget targets;
  • Contribute to the development of a culture inspired by the spread of the Company best practices and the values of Quality, Safety, Health, Environment and Sustainability;
  • Promote HSE culture via strong safety leadership, ensuring all activities are undertaken with full knowledge of the Company commitment to HSE;
  • Ensure the implementation of risk & opportunity and knowledge management methodology and tools during the commercial and execution phases, guaranteeing the compliance with Golden Rules and Silver Guidelines;
  • Represent Company/Branch with Stakeholders;
  • Ensure internal and external reporting at any level.

Applications to be submitted to [email protected] 

indicating position title in the subject line.