Cargo transportation in TRACECA’s Azerbaijan segment up by 4%


From January through February 2021, over 6.63 million tons of cargo were transported via the international Transport Corridor Europe-Caucasus-Asia (TRACECA) through Azerbaijan, the turnover of goods exceeded 1.56 billion tons/km.

Report informs citing the State Statistical Committee that in comparison with the same period of 2020, the volume of cargo transportation decreased by 1.89 million tons or 22.2%, and the freight turnover declined by 210.1 million tons/km or 11.8%.

According to statistics, over 3.7 million tons (55.9%) of all cargo was carried out by road transport, over 2.21 million tons (33.4%) – by rail, 714,000 tons (10.7%) – by sea transport.

In the total volume of cargo transportation along the corridor, 22.8% or 1,510,000 tons fell on transit cargo. Their volume in annual comparison increased by 60,000 tons or 4.14%.