Técnicas Reunidas is Looking for a Production Control Engineer Leader


Work Position: Production Control Engineer Leader

Depending on: Planning and Production Control Manager

Job Description

  • Lead and coordinate the team of Production Control Engineers and ensure that below mentioned duties are carried out efficiently and according to TR internal standards:
  • Supervise and control the correct functioning of all corporate tools (In-house) for the control and management of Construction: PCS, SCA, PCA, CSM2D, CSM3D y EICA. As well as control the production based on the same Tools and report the calculated progress.
  • Preparation of Construction progress steps (L4), to obtain progress, taking into account all data.
  • Prepare and issue L4 prepared by Subcontractors (progress steps / TaskLists), integrating it into Level 3 for its importation into Progress Control System (PCS).
  • Prepare reports (EOM, Weekly Report, WF, JobCard, etc.), of the Project through PCS.
  • Issue reports that show the activities / work items are far along / delayed with respect to the planned program, reports generated and standardized in Progress Control System PCS: JOBCARD, DEVIATION REPORTS.
  • Participate in internal meetings, as well as in clients / subcontractors ones that are considered opportune, so that any decision that may affect the program and / or any of the corporate tools can be updated as soon as possible: Collect Observations / Problems and support Construction Supervision.
  • Submit all reports to Planning and Production Control Manager.
  • Distribute progress curves and histograms (EOM, WEEKLY REPORTS, PHOTOGRAPIC REPORT, STORY BOARDS) under the supervision of the Planning and Production Control Manager.
  • Analyze work-front study based on the information collected in different tools.

Eligible candidates send your CV in English to [email protected]  25.04.2021 with subject line: Production Control Engineer Leader

Only shortlisted candidates will be invited to the further stages of the recruitment process.