İranian MoD unveils 1st indigenous vessel “Lavender Reaper”


Iranian Defense Ministry’s Marine Industries Organization unveiled the first domestically-manufactured “Lavender Reaper” Vessel in the country.

This vessel has a unique application in eradicating harmful plants in wetlands and lagoons especially Bandar Anzali WetlandRear Admiral Restegari stated.

With the construction of this vessel, in addition to cutting dependency on importing this type of vessel from abroad, a giant step has been taken in this regard, he added.

This domestically-manufactured vessel was designed and constructed by the Ministry of Defense with spending 12,000 men/hours and carrying out 1,500 executive activities within six months.

Construction of this vessel, with eighty percent localization, has saved more than 50 percent of foreign exchange in the country, Rear Admiral Rastegari emphasized.