SOCAR Polymer starts to transport polyolefin to Russia by train


SOCAR Polymer has started to transport polyolefin to Russia by train, Report informs, citing Argusmedia.

SOCAR Polymer has been supplying polypropylene to Russia via the railway since January. The polyethylene supply started in February.

In the first quarter of 2021, 2,600 tonnes of polypropylene and 2,300 tonnes of polyethylene were transported to Noginsk, Moscow, Russia.

In 2020, the export of polypropylene to Russia increased by 46.6% to 27,900 tonnes, the polyethylene export tripled to 11,000 tonnes. So, SOCAR Polymer is among the top ten companies exporting polyolefin to Russia.

SOCAR also exports polymer to Turkey, China and Kazakhstan.