Multimodal route established among Turkey, Ukraine and Poland


From March 30, a new ferry crossing will open between the port of Karasu (Turkey) and the Chornomorsk (Ukraine) railway and the city of Slawkow (Poland), Alexander Golodnitskiy, head of the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA), said during the 4th Ukrainian-German Economic Forum.

“It will speed up cargo transportation along the new route for a day and a half. The cost of transporting one container from Karasu to Slawkow will be 1,700 euros,” Golodnitskiy noted.

He added that the route would operate from the port of Karasu in Turkey, through the Chornomorsk railway-ferry complex in Ukraine to the Polish city of Slawkow.

On March 5, the Verkhovna Rada adopted a bill “On multimodal transport.” The bill’s purpose is to improve state support for multimodal transportation and regulate the organizational and legal framework for multimodal transportation of goods in Ukraine.

The project regulates the concept of multimodal and combined transportation of goods in Ukraine, multimodal terminal, multimodal transport document, operator and multimodal transport customer, the definition of multimodal transport contract, its principal terms, rights, and obligations of the parties, basic principles of state regulation and state support.