Transit carriage via TRACECA Azerbaijani segment rises 7%


In January 2021, the Azerbaijani section of the Europe-Caucasus-Asia transport corridor transported 3,277,300 tons of cargo, and the cargo turnover made up 770.7 million ton-km (a drop of 1,017,400 tons or 23.4% from 2020).

Report informs referring to the State Statistics Committee that the freight turnover fell by 144.9 million ton-km or 15.82% over the past year.

During the reporting period, 1,835,000 tons (56%) were transported by road, 1,106,300 tons (33.8%) by railway, and 336,000 tons (10.2%) by the sea.

Transit cargo accounted for 21.7% or 709,900 tons, a growth of 54,000 tons (7.07%) from a year earlier.