Técnicas Reunidas is Looking for an Engineering Manager


Work Position: Engineering Manager

Depending on: Project Director

Job Description

Specific Functions (Manager – Leader):

• Manage the technical interdisciplinary coordination in all areas of the Project to guarantee the technical quality, time, and cost of the works and products to be submitted. This applies to efforts in the HO and site, and activities shall be performed in agreement with the Contract scope and technical specifications of the Client and Project;

• Ensure the integrity of the engineering design in all areas of the project, guaranteeing the correct application of procedures, specifications, and standard practices;

• Lead internal meetings and those with Client representatives for the revision of: P&IDs, designs, models, buried systems, etc.;

• Lead the coordination of engineering consistency analysis and optimization initiatives for designs and the acceleration of the program of execution;

• Direct and stimulate Technical Clarifications (TQs) related to Engineering areas that must be carried out with the Client, Licensees, and/or vendors;

• Lead and consolidate periodic progress reports and the closing of Project engineering activities;

• Lead the analysis of NVATs presented by the Disciplines;

• Lead and promote NCs and STQs that result from potential change orders, supporting the Area Manager in the process of the documents’ negotiation and approval with the Client;

• Lead the budgetary control and the management of the assigned engineering resources (whether TR’s or subcontracted), identifying potential additional needs;

• Lead the distribution of functions and the creation of objectives and indicators of progress for the leaders of each Department;

• Lead the issuing of engineering management procedures in the Project and ensure that they are carried out for all the personnel in your charge;

Specific Functions (Support – Information):

• Report to the Project Manager and Project Operations Manager and assist them with issues that may be affected by the development of Engineering. This issues include scheduling, budgeting, and the billing of vendors and subcontractors;

• Assure a proper transition and continuity between Engineering and Construction through temporary assignment to the site as Field Engineering Manager;

• Revise the information and the complete contents of the Project Equipment List;

• Confirm the contents and scope of requisitions, tabulations, award recommendations, and material and equipment requests;

• Be familiar with the reports on the state of requisitions and requests, identifying the implications they have for Engineering;

• Know the Contract and the Project objectives, and make sure that these are known within the Engineering Group that works in your area;

• Cooperate during guarantee test development in agreement with the Contract and the technical specifications of the Client and Project;

General Functions:

• Periodically report the Project situation to the Project Manager and to the Project Operations Manager in EOMs or when required;

• When required, report the state of the Project to the Engineering Director;

• Promote and encourage the identification of potential lessons learned during the different phases of the Project;

• Promote and encourage a continuous process of improvement in all your functions;

• Coordinate the Program of Plans and Activities of your area of Project Engineering;

• Sign the timesheets for personnel under your supervision;

Eligible candidates send your CV in English to [email protected]   26/03/2021 with subject line: Engineering Manager.

Only shortlisted candidates will be invited to the further stages of the recruitment process.