Sculptural composition erected in memory of selfless Azerbaijani sailors


Baku has also witnessed the opening of a sculptural composition erected in memory of the selfless Azerbaijani sailors. The authors of the work, which was created by order (CJSC) of the Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company (ASCO) are folk artists Salkhab Mammadov and Ali Ibadullayev, and the architect is Honored Architect Elkhan Asadov.

The sculpture, located on the seaside boulevard near the museum ship Surakhany, is made of bronze and marble. It is distinguished by its modern style. The size of the monument is 420 cm x 410 cm, and the length of the pedestal is 130 cm.

The sculptural composition demonstrates a ship’s propeller cutting through a dynamic wave. Water in motion is a symbol of life. Even a small wave starting at a specific point can lead to the formation of new waves on the water surface. According to the authors, the beginning that launches and lays the foundation for movement becomes the foothold. In the sculptural composition, the ship propeller is what triggers the movement, as well as the foothold. It is the propeller that allows the ship to move, and its rotation creates waves and accelerates the waves that appear.This propeller symbolizes the development of seafaring in the Caspian Sea. It is also presented as a source of energy and an essential attribute of sailors’ lives. This splendor and modern monument is a vivid example of the attention and care shown to the profession of a sailor in our country. The monument will become a favorite place to be visited not only by sailors and their families but also by residents of the capital and guests of our city.