OrionGroup is Looking for a URF Riser Claim Manager Services


SERVICE TITLE: URF Riser Claim Manager Services

The service holder is responsible, within the Absheron Project Control team, for all activities related to the administration of the EOT and Overrun Claims related to Umbilical, Riser and Flowline (URF) contract.
The services holder will work closely with the Absheron Project Control Manager, highlighting concerns encountered during the performance of his duties.
The service holder is also accountable for demonstrating an exemplary behaviour with regard to HSSE rules & requirements and for implementing HSSE rules within his area of responsibility.


The service holder is responsible for the following activities:

  • Main focus is to manage all claims activities related to the URF contract in the frame and with respect to procedural obligations as per Production Sharing Agreement, Decrees and Laws in force, Joint Operating Agreement and in strict compliance of delegation of authorities and associated Contract and Procurement procedures.
  • Propose and define the road map related to the URF claims and dispute activities.
  • Analysis and review of exisiting claims.
  • Lead, with management support, the claim negotiations with URF CONTRACTOR (CTR).
  • Lead and coordinate studies carried out by Thrid party w/r. Schedule Delay analysis and CTR performance assessment.


  • Manage and Coordinate with Project Controls manager all Claims and Counter Claims related activities.
  • Propose and define the road map related to the URF claims and dispute in coordination with Project Management / Branch Manager / Legal and HQ.
  • Liaise with HQ claim Manager, HQ jurist and HQ Legal departments to define the road map, to obtain legal recommendation on the Claims.
  • Investigate and assess merit of the Claims.
  • Lead the defense of Claim strategy and prepare the technical argumentation with Project Team.
  • Obtain, review and challenge if necessary legal recommendations made by external parties.
  • Analyse and clarify the claims of CTR with the support of the Project Team.
  • Provide and update Project and Management with different scenarios, trends, and risks associated to Claims.
  • Organize and Lead the Claim clarifications meeting with CTR.
  • Lead and support any Third Party Contractor Performance assessment and Schedule Delay analysis.
  • Propose and define Counter claims solutions.
  • Drive Project in building the Counter Claim dossiers.
  • Assist the Project in drafting correspondences and notices to CTR in relation to the Claims and counter claims..
  • Provide higher understanding of Project and Local constraints and recommendation for settlement.
  • Participate to the Claim negotiations / settlement meeting with Project Management and Senior Management.
  • Prepare and provide to Project Management detailed reports, summaries, presentations related to the Claims / Counter Claims and to the clarification and negotiations process.
  • Broadcast feedback on lessons learned from existing and past Claims.
  • Provide support and expertise to Project team in avoidance of future claims.


The Absheron field is located offshore Azerbaijan in the Caspian Sea in 500m of water, about 100km south east of Baku, 25km north east of Shah Deniz field and 33km south of Oil Rocks production and processing facilities.
The Absheron development includes:
• a single well connected to SOCAR operated Oil Rocks facilities.
• a 33-35 km insulated 12” line with both wet insulated section and PIP section
• a dedicated receiving platform where gas and liquids will be separated.
• 35km of production umbilical and one SSIV umbilical
The objective is to start production by Q2 2022.
URF Contract has been signed in July 2018 and URF CTR has put forwards several claims related to EOT, disruption and Overun.


Quantity surveyor and / or Law Bachelor degree (British Law), or similar.
Professional Experience (number of years) : 20 years experience as Contract professional with Claim resolution, Delay and Quantum experience for major international projects.
Experience of contract / claim (number of years) : 15 years (URF if possible)
Oral/written fluency in English Mandatory, Working knowledge of French and/or Russian appreciated

Contact emails: [email protected]                          [email protected]