Worley is Looking for a Project Manager


JOB TITLE: Project Manager


  • To provide consistent, sustainable and effective management direction for all projects within the BP AGT project portfolio to ensure successful project delivery, continuing improvement in capability and career progression and training for the project management and project engineering discipline.
  • To plan, co-ordinate and manage the design, procurement, construction and commissioning of Azerbaijan area projects, including taking a leadership role in the preparation of proposals.
  • To ensure clear agreement of client objectives and that these are met or exceeded.
  • To achieve or better the project target in cost and schedule.
  • To provide strong HSE leadership across the portfolio activities.

Specific accountabilities:

HSE Management

  • Work with project managers/project engineers to ensure that all areas of a project or all projects are set up and executed in full compliance with the requirements of Worley Europe Limited HSE Management system.
  • Ensure that HSE requirements are documented and understood by all project participants.
  • Assist in formulating pro-active HSE initiatives and programs.

Client Relationships

  • Identify, document and communicate the client requirements for Azerbaijan Area Projects.
  • Maintain and build healthy client relationships throughout the project and post completion.
  • Proactively resolve performance, scope, cost and schedule issues with the Client as they arise.
  • Ensure that client requirements and the needs of multiple stakeholders are being identified and managed effectively.

Performance Management

  • Supervise, equip and coach project managers/project engineers within the area of responsibility to ensure the proper performance (HSE, Commercial [including Budget and Gross Margin], Schedule, Customer Satisfaction and Risk Management) of all projects.
  • Ensure project managers/engineers are closely monitoring project trends and project problems and taking early remedial action.
  • Ensure regular, accurate and standardised reporting for all individual projects.
  • Ensure a report of overall Project Delivery performance (summarising data from key component projects) is generated at least monthly.
  • Work with project managers/project engineers to ensure that every person working on projects has clearly defined goals and expectations.
  • Ensure that all projects undergo an internal monthly review of project status and health, in accordance with standard company procedures.
  • Report monthly to Program Director on traffic light status of the location’s largest projects (in terms of services value).
  • Assess procurement process throughout the project to ensure goods meet specification, are delivered on time and are within budget.
  • Monitor the Construction Management function to ensure safe delivery of the project within cost and schedule objectives.

Quality Management

  • Accountable for the development of a PEP’s for each project in the portfolio.
  • Work with project managers/project engineers to ensure all projects are set up and executed in full compliance with all the requirements of the BP AGT Management plans and IOP system, Worley Europe Limited Project Management Process (WPMP) and General Management System (EMS) using consistent approaches, Work Breakdown Structures, work methodologies and reporting systems.
  • Ensure all personnel are suitably trained to access and use IOP, EMS and WPMP.
  • Ensure a program of mini-audits (e.g. cross discipline audits) of WPMP and EMS is a feature (and key training mechanism) across the project or portfolio of projects.
  • Work with the IOP custodian to continually improve IOP and hence ensure all project management systems, processes, procedures and guidelines are appropriate, current and effective to support project delivery.
  • Ensure best practice, continuous improvement initiatives and lessons learnt are commonly shared amongst project engineers/project managers.


  • Assist in recruitment and allocation of project managers and project engineers to projects to ensure each project is suitably resourced with sufficient and capable project management expertise and that project management workload is balanced.
  • Accountable for the completeness and accuracy of  the Level 1 portfolio Plan for Azerbaijan projects.

Risk Management

  • Identify project portfolio risks and opportunities.
  • Monitor closure of all identified risks and opportunities.
  • Maintain the risk management focus throughout the execution of projects.

Team Management:

  • Focus team on achievement of milestones and other key project objectives.
  • Provide clear and focused leadership for the project teams to create a vision for project portfolio success and a strategy for each project and team to fit that vision.
  • Listen to the team, discuss the issues, resolve problems and direct activities to remove roadblocks and achieve objectives.

Capability Enhancement/Personnel Development

  • Ensure the growing capability of our Local nationals in the project management and project engineering discipline.
  • Chair a periodic (at least once every 2 months) communication and coordination forum for the project managers/project engineers.
  • Determine areas of potential improvement and direct the implementation of change to address these areas.
  • A Local champion for the Worley Europe Limited IOP and Project Management Process (WPMP).
  • Help manage the training plans and career development of the project managers/project engineers.
  • Implement the formal competency-based assessment and development program for all project management personnel.

Commercial Management

  • Effective management of Worley Europe Limited/Client contract, including delivery of the Portfolio and Project KPI’s in BP AGT Portfolio.
  • Review and checking of project estimates in the portfolio to ensure accuracy.
  • Monitoring and control of all cost aspects of the project to forecast costs, obtain approvals, identify trends and take action to avoid cost overruns and take advantage of opportunities.
  • Ensure no project spend exceeds Call Off value without written Customer approval.


Job Specific:

  • Experience having demonstrated effective construction leadership and management in a similar sized project, or across multiple projects within a similar industry.
  • Experience in managing and controlling budgets.
  • Ability to build effective relationships, network, build teams and proactively support the business.
  • Strong working knowledge of construction and industry standards.
  • Strong communication, influencing and negotiation skills

Standard Competencies:


  • Understands how the business delivers value to shareholders, what drives profitability and what increases growth.
  • Able to make difficult decisions and lead and manage others in changing business conditions.
  • Excellent people management skills such as leadership, team, interpersonal, coaching, mentoring and supervisory skills.  Must be able to build, motivate, develop and manage an effective team.
  • Excellent management skills including the ability to plan, set goals; and manage time, priorities, resources, accountabilities, schedules and cost.
  • Understands Worley Europe Limited Vision and purpose, translates it into team goals and objectives, and gains team commitment to achieving those goals and objectives.
  • Effectively manages and resolves conflict between individuals and/or groups.
  • Negotiates successful outcomes that achieve the required objectives and have the support and acceptance of all parties.



  • Extensive technical, practical and leadership experience in construction.  Including experience in strategic planning within a commercial environment and demonstrable experience in driving industry leadership and performance.  Experience in building strong people relationships (both internal and external), general management practices and experience in managing and leading a team.


  • Approximately 15 years, with a minimum of 10 years project engineering experience in a multi-discipline team environment.

Qualifications, Accreditation, Training:


  • A recognised engineering degree in the relevant discipline or equivalent.


  • Postgraduate qualifications in the relevant discipline; management or supervisory qualifications or equivalent experience.  Able to be qualified as a chartered engineer preferable.

HSE Capability:


  • Demonstrate behaviour and business practices commensurate with a culture of world’s best health, safety and environmental performance.
  • Assist in developing, communicating, implementing and regularly review systems, strategies, standards and processes (including environmental plans or health management programs) that:
  1. Minimise the potential impact of work activities or work sites managed by Worley Europe Limited on the environment;

2. Manage the impact of work activities or work sites managed by Worley Europe Limited on the environment;

3. Manage recovery from environmental incident;

4.     Promote safe, healthy and environmentally friendly workplaces and behaviour, including workplaces not managed by Worley Europe Limited and behaviour when not at work;

  • Manage workplace illness and injury.
  • Acquire and maintain sufficient knowledge and awareness of the workplace environment to identify and manage work hazards and incidents.

General Accountabilities:


  • Demonstrate the behavior and business practices outlined in Worley Europe Limited Vision, codes, policies, procedures and standards (Processes).  Implement these Processes, ensure personnel have access to them, regularly undertake reviews to assess compliance, and refer serious breaches to the relevant person or committee.
  • Comply and keep up to date with the behavior and business practices outlined in Worley Europe Limited Processes, and with all applicable laws, regulations and standards.
  • Select personnel who share Worley Europe Limited values, beliefs and a commitment to the OneWay Vision, and who demonstrate the expected behavior, competencies and performance associated with their role or task.
  • Encourage a team based work environment that leverages the expertise and knowledge of the team and nurtures a climate of care and trust.

Please send your CV to [email protected] by indicating the position title (Project Manager) in the subject line of your email.