ADY Express supplies 115,000 tons of Azerbaijani urea to world market


ADY Express LLC, the Azerbaijan Railways subsidiary company, continues to export urea produced at SOCAR’s urea plant, ADY Express told Report.

Сarbamide, transported in big bags of 800 kg each, is loaded at the station H.Z. Tagiyev, into semi-wagons provided by the Georgian Railways and sent to the Black Sea ports of Georgia. Then, urea transported during 3-4 days along the route H. Zeynalabdin-Boyuk Kesik-Poti / Batumi, 884/920 km long, is loaded in the ports of Poti or Batumi and delivered by sea.

From October 2019 (export of the first cargo of urea by railway) to November 2020, ADY Express LLC managed to transport a total of 115 thousand tons of urea. The transportation process is planned to continue.

ADY Express, which transports urea through Azerbaijan territory, carries out cargo transportation together with GR Logistics and Terminals, a partner company in Georgia.

The SOCAR Carbamide plant, constructed in the Sumgayit Chemical Industrial Park territory, was put into operation on January 16, 2019. The plant is capable of producing 650-660 thousand tons of carbamide. About 70 % of production is intended for export.