Turkmenistan Sets Time Periods For Temporary Entry of Freight Vehicles


The time periods for the temporary entry of vehicles into the customs territory of Turkmenistan were established by Decree No. 94 dated September 21, 2020 of the head of the State Customs Service of Turkmenistan.

According to the document, when placing a vehicle under the customs regime for temporary entry, the time periods for its temporary entry are set as follows:

The period of temporary entry of a vehicle is indicated by the carrier (his representative) in the entry declaration for the vehicle, based on the time period required for the immediate return of this vehicle after the completion of transport operations that cause its temporary entry, but not later than the terms specified below:

  • for motor vehicles (including trailers, semi-trailers and hybrid vehicles), excluding containers – 30 calendar days;
  • for railway transport (units of a train), excluding containers – 90 calendar days;
  • for containers transported by any type of transport – 90 calendar days;
  • for sea (river) ships and aircraft – the period determined in accordance with the procedure agreed by the customs service and the administration of the crossing point of the state border of Turkmenistan (airport, airfield, sea port, river port);

The period of temporary entry into the customs territory of Turkmenistan of any type of vehicle transporting goods that are moved without unloading from a vehicle is determined in accordance with Article 47 of the Customs Code of Turkmenistan;

In exceptional cases, for the purpose of exercising control, the customs authority reserves the right to establish a period for temporary entry of a vehicle shorter or longer than the specified periods, based on the carrier’s statement and taking into account all the circumstances associated with the implementation of the proposed transport operation;

If the established period for the return of the vehicle has expired and the vehicle has not been returned due to objective circumstances, the customs authority may, on the basis of a reasoned application from the vehicle owner, extend the initially established period for temporary entry until the circumstances that caused the delay are eliminated.

The order of the Head of the State Customs Service of Turkmenistan on the time periods of the temporary entry of vehicles was registered by the Ministry of Justice of Turkmenistan on October 14, 2020 under No. 1397.