Turkey condemns US reaction to resumption of seismic surveys in the Mediterranean

The Turkish Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Tuesday condemning the United States’ reaction to Ankara’s resumption of seismic exploration in the Eastern Mediterranean.
“There is a serious discrepancy in the fact that the United States criticizes the seismic research activities carried out by our vessel Oruch Reis on the Turkish continental shelf and at the same time denies the legal validity of the Seville Card, on the basis of which Greece and Cyprus put forward their maximalist demands on the issue of maritime jurisdiction in Eastern Mediterranean. A similar inconsistency is observed in the statements of a number of EU countries, ”Hami Aksoy, the official representatives of the Turkish Foreign Ministry, said in a widespread statement.As noted by  TASS , Ankara believes that it is Greece and Cyprus that are increasing tensions in the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas.source: