The Branch of Siemens Gas and Power GmbH & Co KG in the Republic of Azerbaijan is Looking for a Technical Support Engineer


Company: The Branch of Siemens Gas&Power GmbH in the Republic of Azerbaijan

Title: Technical Support Engineer

Job duties:

·       Planning, coordination and supervision of onsite personnel for shutdown works and breakdown outage;

·       First line support for operations, breakdown and maintenance of RB211 driven power generation and gas compression units;

·       Writing technical procedures, planning maintenance works, supervising work teams, training and instruction to customers staff, contractors and others;

·       Support testing programs, by preparing and completing defined test series, for assigned products and systems;

·       Gathering, recording and maintaining technical specific information;

·       Preparation of charts, graphs and diagrams to illustrate various procedures;

·       Completion of testing and troubleshooting in a variety of tasks;

·       Completion of documentation of internal procedures via simple text, charts, graphs and diagrams;

·       Maintaining maps, detail design drawings, graphs, as-built drawings, structural detail drawings and other graphic engineering records;

·       Collection of codes and posting of data from prescribed sources for input to computer;

·       Correction and update of existing records and preparation of data for analysis;

·       Participation in the setup of test sequences and execution of the respective tests;

·       Set up and assemble the test bench environment, while adhering to the given test bench specification;

·       Compiling test data from performed testing and reviewing test results with engineering personnel

Interested candidates may send their CV to the following email address: [email protected].