Orion Group is Looking for a Precommissioning Lead Engineering Services

  • To control UFR CTR pre-commissioning studies & procedures for Production and Umbilical system and ensure associated deliverables are in accordance with contractual resquirements.
  • To review the pre-commissioning procedures and ensure that they provide a consistent and thorough precommissioning sequence of all field components.
  • To review and control developpement of ICAPS sheets for pre-commissioning activities as per OPERCOM Methodology.
  • To develop/set-up dedicated ICAPS database for the project based on architecture developed by URF CTR.
  • To control and review URF CTR assistance to commissioning procedures that includes Intelligent Line inspection and developpement of dewatering philosophy of the production system.
  • To follow up offshore pre-commissioning operations (personnel and equipment), inc. mobilization of pre-commissioning equipments.
  • To ensure proper preparation & issuance by URF CTR of RFC Dossiers for Production and Umbilical system at end of perations. 
  • To ensure, with the COMPANY HSE Engineer, that risk assessments are properly conducted.
  • To review in detail all engineering and pre-commissioning documents.
  • To review and supervise qualification tests.
  • To ensure that the CONTRACTOR works as per the project specifications, including general specifications and international codes.
  • To control progress and schedule.
  • To report to the URF Installation Engineering Leader during Detail Engineering phase, then to URF
  • Offshore Construction Lead during Operations.
  • To ensure that the as-built documentation (inc. RFC Dossiers)  is properly prepared and handed over on due time to the company (not impacting Commissioning activities).
  • To keep an up-to-date layout sketch of flowline/riser/umbilical/spools/jumper installed and hydrotested and also underwater ties-in performed/hydrotested/leak tested. 
  • To gather all daily reports and subsequent analyses of pre-commissioning progress.
  • To report any event likely to have an impact on the general planning of operations, and participate in finding the best way to manage changes caused by such events.

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