KTZ first delivered polypropylene from Turkmenistan to Qingdao via the Caspian Sea


For the first time, KTZ Express organized the shipment of polypropylene from the port of Turkmenbashi to the largest city of Shandong Qingdao province through the port of Aktau across the Caspian Sea. It is reported by railnews.kz.

48 40-foot containers from the port of Turkmenbashi were delivered by sea to the port of Aktau per day. Further, the polypropylene went to the Kazakh border station Altynkol for further transportation to China. The road to Qingdao is 7,500 km long and will take 10 days.

The first shipment of polypropylene by multimodal route from Turkmenbashi to Qingdao is a kind of test. If the transportation is successful, a decision will be made on the regular nature of the service.

The transportation organizers note that the route is profitable and as fast as possible. The transportation of polypropylene from Turkmenbashi to Qingdao will give a new impetus to the increase in freight traffic through the Kazakh and Turkmen ports of the Caspian Sea.

source: chinalogist.ru