Worley is Looking for a QA/QC Manager


Job description

  • Facilitates the development and effective implementation of the Project Quality Management System by the Project Team in a manner that meets Corporate, location and contractual requirements.
  • Manages project service, product verification and inspections of the project consistent with criticality assessments, contractual and regulatory obligations.
  • Manages project quality support functions including quality planning, preventive action, non-conformance control, corrective action, audits and project quality reporting and review.
  • Work closely with and draw on the resources of the global Worley Quality Community.

Quality Management

  • Work with the Program Director and the Project Management Team to ensure:
  • Project Management Plans and dependent systems and procedures are developed and implemented in compliance with the requirements of the Worley way of working by using the Management and Knowledge system consistent with specific Client (BP) requirements, location, regulatory and contractual requirements
  • Project personnel are suitably trained in project quality plan requirements and to access and apply dependent systems, procedures and reference materials via the Project Web Site, EMS, WPMP and the Knowledge Communities as applicable.
  • All locations and areas of the Project’s operations meet Worley Management System expectations and conform to applicable Worley, regulatory and contractual HSE obligations.
  • Effectiveness of quality planning to ensure that process controls and prerequisite product and service verification and inspection arrangements are established and resourced for the project consistent with criticality, statutory and contractual obligations.
  • Effective planning and implementation of design control, verification, validation and review activities.
  • Effective implementation and coordination of vendor assessment and inspection activities.
  • Effective implementation and verification of construction inspection and testing activities.
  • Effective implementation of non-conformance, corrective action, and preventive action management processes.
  • Establishment of an effective integrated risk based assessment program.
  • Manage and/or participate in project assessments.
  • Effectiveness of Project Management Review Programs including collection analysis and reporting of project performance measures
  • Facilitation of the Risk Register and Risk Management meetings (monthly)
  • Capability Enhancement
  • Participate in the global quality learning community initiative to enable quality professionals to communicate with each other and receive updates on latest developments.
  • Support in-house education, promotion and awareness programs relating to sound quality management practice and Worley quality strategies.
  • Facilitate the implementation of existing and new company processes and capability enhancements across the Project Operations.
  • Facilitate independent review/certification Audits of the Project Quality Management Systems in line with Corporate Quality Management System Audit Program requirements.

Customer Relationships

  • Ensure that the customer’s quality management requirements and concerns and the needs of multiple stakeholders are being identified and managed by the Project Team effectively.
  • Resources
  • In conjunction with the Project Management Team and the Program Director recruit and allocate quality practitioners to project verification and inspection roles to ensure these activities are suitably resourced.
  • Ensure that the new quality practitioners are effectively inducted in all aspects that relate to the Quality aspects of the Project.

Performance Management

In conjunction with Program Director  and Project Management Team and the Department Functional Managers:

  • Provide functional leadership for project quality personnel. Strengthen and coach project quality personnel to support development, management and administration of project quality management systems in response to project and customer expectations.

Job Specific:


  • To work with BP PMT to develop and implement specific Project Quality Plans and Quality Improvements.
  • Obtains endorsement for the Project Quality Plans.
  • Review and Endorse Facility Contractor Quality Documents
  • Ensures the Project Quality Management system is Communicated effectively and that all team members understand their processes and procedures.

Work Process:  

  • Assist the Project Director to implement, improve and maintain the project management processes, systems and procedures.

Review & Audits:                           

  • Establishing and maintaining the Quality Audit programme
  • Managing the corrective & preventive action programme
  • Conducting management reviews.
  • Performing contractor and supplier quality evaluations in conjunction with Project and Procurement Management.

              Standard Competencies:

  • Understands how the business delivers value to shareholders, what drives profitability and what increases growth.
  • Able to make difficult decisions and lead and manage others in changing business conditions.
  • Excellent people management skills such as leadership, team, interpersonal, coaching, mentoring and supervisory skills.  Must be able to build, motivate, develop and manage an effective team.
  • Excellent management skills including the ability to plan, set goals; and manage time, priorities, resources, accountabilities, schedules and cost.
  • Understands Worley Vision and purpose, translates it into team goals and objectives, and gains team commitment to achieving those goals and objectives.
  • Effectively manages and resolves conflict between individuals and/or groups.
  • Negotiates successful outcomes that achieve the required objectives and have the support and acceptance of all parties.
  • Pro-active, goal oriented with excellent attention to detail.
  • Excellent customer focus and able to consistently meet Worley and its client’s needs.
  • Effectively manages change to work tasks and the work environment and assists others with adapting to change.
  • A person of integrity who is trusted by others and consistently honours their commitments.
  • Able to identify issues, problems and opportunities; make timely decisions; develop appropriate and innovative solutions; and ask for assistance if required.
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills, including the ability to convey information and ideas to individuals and groups, and make presentations when required.
  • Demonstrates initiative and a willingness to learn and continuously improve on performance.
  • Able to work on multiple projects of various size and complexity.
  • Able to work effectively in small to large multi-disciplinary teams and share and transfer knowledge within teams.


  • Thorough and Practical understanding of the principles and practice of Quality Management and the implementation and improvement of management systems. To ISO 9001:2015
  • Demonstrable capabilities in planning and organising projects and activities to meet Project requirements e.g. quality planning and resourcing for projects to ensure they are suitably resourced with sufficient and capable quality management expertise.
  • Experience in managing a Quality Team.
  • Experience in Managing Suppliers and Subcontractors within a Brownfield environment.
  • Experience of managing a Quality team successfully in delivering project Quality objectives including Quality Planning, Auditing, Management Review, Establishing Supplier and Contractor Quality requirements.
  • Experience of managing a Quality team successfully in delivering project Quality objectives including Quality Planning, Internal and External audits, Management Review, Establishing Supplier and Contractor Quality requirements, Managing of Non Conformances and ensuring Lessons learned and continuous Improvement Processes are in place.
  • Approximately 15 years, with a minimum of 5 years’ experience in either a senior Project Quality Management position or closely.

              Qualifications, Accreditation, Training:

  • Required:
  • A recognised degree in the relevant discipline or equivalent.
  • Preferred:
  • Postgraduate qualifications in the relevant discipline; management or supervisory qualifications or equivalent experience.
  • Eligible for Auditor registration or equivalent. 

Please send your CV to [email protected] by indicating the position title (QA/QC Manager) in the subject line of your email.