Iran, number one shipbuilder in Middle East


Iran Shipbuilding and Offshore Industries Complex (ISOICO), located in southern Iranian province of Hormuzgan, is now the number one shipbuilder of the Middle East after four decades of activity in the industry, Trend reports citing IRNA.

With a large number of specialized workforce, ISOICO has continued to gain lots of achievements for the country despite the sanctions and coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

The achievements of ISOICO has much to do with the country’s special status in energy industry, and the oil fields in the region, as well as numerous ships commuting in the regional waters.

The company provides equipment for building and overhauling different types of small- and medium-sized vessels.

Shipbuilding is a main industry in any country, with coastal shipyard in particular, cutting dependence on foreign countries.

The imposition of sanctions has not been able to impede the activity of the company over the past decade but has also inspired it to make more achievements.

The company has been active in the area of building and overhauling different types of vessels in different sizes, and building offshore structures such as oil rigs and gas fields since 1973.