Georgia sees increase in fish production


Fish production in Georgian aquaculture holdings equaled 2,464.7 tons in 2019, which is 3.5 percent more compared to the previous year, Trend reports referring to the National Statistic Office of Georgia (Geostat).

According to the statistical data, production of Cyprinidae reached 1,012.7 tons (23.9 percent more compared to the previous year), of Sturgeons – 97.3 tons (29.7-percent growth), and production of Siluridae equaled 14.3 tons (increase by 13.5 percent).

In turn, the production of Salmonidae stood at 1,339.8 tons, which 9.2 percent less compared to the same period of previous year. Rainbow trout has the highest share (98.7 percent) in Salmonidae production.

In Cyprinidae production, 47.4 percent account for Common carp and Mirror carp production, 39.1 percent – for Silver carp and Bighead carp, and 13.3 percent – for Grass carp.

Last year, Kakheti was the leading region in the production (35.1 percent), followed by Shida Kartli (30.3 percent), and Guria – 10.1 percent, with 24.4 percent accounting for other regions.

In 2019, the average price of 1 kg Rainbow trout at the gate of farm (producer price) amounted to 9.6 lari ($3.14). The average annual price of Common carp and Mirror carp equaled 7.8 lari ($2.55), of Grass carp – 6.3 lari ($2.06), and of Silver carp and Bighead carp – 4 lari ($1.31).

The average annual price of Russian sturgeon and Siberian sturgeon amounted to 24.9 lari ($8.16) , while for Wels catfish – 16.1 lari ($5.27).