Iranian boats stuck in Dubai due to new coronavirus restrictions


As many as 150 Iranian shipping boats are waiting at Dubai’s coast to obtain permission to enter the Emirates, said the head of boat owners and maritime transportation union in Bushehr Province.

“Despite the fact that the Emirates has previously permitted large Iranian boats to transport export goods to this country, it introduced new restrictions and did now allow them enter Dubai,” said Ali Mousavi Gomrani, Trend reports citing IRNA.

“Earlier, the boats selected an agent in Emirate based on new protocols on delivering the export goods at the port, but now the boat owners have been told that they no longer have permission to enter,” he said. “We believe that the reason behind the decision is the coronavirus spread in the Bushehr Province.”

“After 15 days of anchoring boat near Dubai creek, the Iranian boats have reached critical situation and face food shortage, so we discuss ways to solve the problem,” he added.

The UAE’s new protocol has indicated that Iranian sailors should be examined by the Emirati doctors before docking the boat. At the same time, the Emirati workers are allowed to unload goods from Iranian boats and ships, while Iranians are not permitted to contact them.