Kyrgyzstan launches multimodal cargo transportation through Azerbaijan


Kyrgyz freight carriers have developed and implemented a new railway route for the movement of goods from Turkey and back. Report informs, Chairman of the sub-committee on transport and logics of the chamber of commerce of Kyrgyzstan Talantbek Matkerim uulu said.

According to him, Osh city received the first 40 containers from Turkey according to an agreement with the Turkish company Arkas Logistics as part of the CASA project.

Cargo from Turkey goes through Georgia to Azerbaijan by rail, then delivered to Turkmenistan by sea. After loading in trains and on a steel highway through Uzbekistan, cargo is delivered to Osh, bypassing Kazakhstan.

“Kyrgyz freight carriers were able to establish multimodal transportation – transportation of goods by various modes of transport. Previously, we used road transportation, but due to problems associated with border-crossing of the Commonwealth states related to COVID-19, entrepreneurs suffered losses. The development of multimodal transportation not only removes the risks of cargo retention but also allows us to increase the volume of deliveries” – he said.