Planned Places for Admission to the ASMA and AMC for the Academic Year 2020-2021 Were Announced


In accordance with the state order, the number of planned places allocated in various specialties for admission to the Azerbaijan State Marine Academy of ASCO in the 2020/2021 academic year has been announced.

In general, 200 places were allocated for the Azerbaijani, Russian and English sectors to obtain a bachelor’s degree in the ASMA. A certain number of planned places were allocated for each specialty:  80 places – for Marine Navigation Engineering (Azerbaijani sector – 50 places, Russian sector – 15 places, English sector – 15 places), 25 –  Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 80 – Operation of ship power plants (Azerbaijani sector – 50 places, Russian sector – 15 places, English sector – 15 places), and 15 – Shipbuilding and ship repair engineering.

From 2020-2021, admission to the Azerbaijan Marine College, which operates under the ASCO, was restored.

The students will be admitted to the college on the following specialties: Ship power plants engineering (15 places), Ship power and automation equipment repair (15 places) and Marine navigation (15 places). In total, 45 places were allocated for these specialties. 30 of them from are funded from state budget and 15 are on a paid basis.

A complete secondary education (i.e. 11 years) is necessary for admission to the Azerbaijan Marine College. The competition will be held on the basis of the final exam held in high school.

Admission of students to the Master’s degree program at the ASMA will be carried out on four specialties and 5 specializations.

6 places were allocated for Ship repair and Shipbuilding area of Maritime engineering and technology specialty, 6 places – for Ship power plants and their operation area of Marine equipment and machinery operation specialty, 8 places – for Ship traffic management of the Navigation and ship traffic management specialty, and 3 places – for Ship electric power systems area of the Electrical Engineering specialty. In total, 23 places were allocated, 16 – to the Azerbaijani sector, and 7 – to the Russian sector.

It should be noted that submission of documents for admission to universities and secondary special educational institutions (colleges) began on May 12 and will last until June 5.