Dismantling of the Crane Boom of the Ship “General Aliaga Shikhlinsky” Successfully Completed


The crane boom of the ship “General Aliaga Shikhlinsky”, weighing 600 tons, was successfully dismantled. The ship is on the balance of the Caspian Sea Oil Fleet of the Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping CJSC (ASCO). Employees of both “Bibiheybat” Ship Repair Yard and the “Zigh” Ship Repair and Construction Yard were involved to the dismantling process.

Dismantling works were carried out at the “Bibiheybat” Ship Repair Yard using the crane “Azerbaijan”. After the repair is completed, the crane boom will be reinstalled. Thus, the safe operation of the crane will be ensured.

It should be mentioned that the crane vessel “General Aliaga Shikhlinsky” weighing 600 tons was involved to the construction of offshore oil and gas facilities and continues to be operated.