55 vessels were repaired at the “Zigh” Ship Repair and Construction Yard


Last year, 55 vessels of various types were repaired at the “Zigh” Ship Repair and Construction Yard of Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company (ASCO).

8 vessels underwent overhaul, 25– dock repair, and 22 – current repair. 29 of those vessels are owned by the ASCO Transportation Fleet, 12 – by the Offshore Fleet, and 14 – by third-party organizations.

The repair process was carried out in accordance with the requirements of an international convention with the participation of highly qualified specialists from ASCO.

ASCO provides a wide range of professional ship repair and marine engineering services. The main activity of the “Zigh” Ship Repair and Construction Yard, as well as the “Bibiheybat” Ship Repair Yard, is the repair of ships and technical equipment owned by ASCO and other companies, as well as the order-based manufacture of various spare parts for them.

Source: http://asco.az/en/55-vessels-were-repaired-at-the-zigh-ship-repair-and-construction-yard/