ASCO Takes Necessary Precautionary Measures to Prevent Environmental Damage


Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping CJSC (ASCO) considers environmental protection as one of the key criteria for sustainable development.

ASCO constantly pays attention to minimizing the environmentally negative impact of oil sludge, used oils, other liquid and solid emissions resulting from the operation of ships and coastal facilities on water sources, soil and atmosphere. During operations, the ASCO takes necessary preventive measures within its own capabilities.

According to the results for 2019, 207967,5 tons of domestic wastewater generated at ASCO coastal and offshore facilities, 13392,2 tons of bilge oil-containing water, 185,9 tons of used lubricating oil, 90,7 tons of oily rags, 22,3 tons of synthetic propylene cable rope residues, and 220,4 tons of glass products were disposed, on the basis of an agreement, to experienced professionals and certified institutions with technical resources.

In addition, last year 98 batteries and galvanic elements unsuitable for use, 97,8 tons of rubber waste, 222 fuel filters, 634 oil filters and 370 air filters, 55 tons of used paint cans and paint waste, 423,9 tons of wood waste, 2,6 tons of medical waste, 176,6 tons of cellulose (paper and cardboard) waste, 264 tons of textile residues, 289,5 tons of polymer and plastic waste, 1258,1 tons of food waste were disposed of in a similar way.

ASCO has also disposed 21,2 tons of objects of various sizes collected during the indicated period from the surface of the waters of the National Seaside Park and the area of coastal activities of the Company