The List of Trainings Conducted at the Training Center Has Been Expanded


Last year, the Training Center, which operates as part of the Azerbaijan State Marine Academy of Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company (ASCO), continued providing services on training, practical exercises and assessment for certification of seafarers.

The number of trainings held at the Training Center in 2019 has increased. Thus, 5 new trainings were added to the list and, as a result, the total number reached 41. Each of these trainings has an international status.

Last year, the number of sailors participating in the trainings decreased. The fact is that the vast majority of ASCO sailors have already received the necessary certificates during the five years of functioning of the Training Center. However, this year, the number of participants in the trainings is expected to increase, since each certificate is valid for 5 years. During that period, foreign sailors started using the services of the Training Center more frequently. Most of the participants in the trainings were sailors from neighboring countries such as Iran, Turkey, and Kazakhstan. Depending on where the participants arrived from, trainings were conducted in Russian and English.

As in previous years, the participation of employees of the Training Center in international training was ensured. During the year, instructors were involved in SEAGULL special international training. Thus, the experience gained will let them conduct such trainings in the Training Center.

The Training Center has serious plans and goals for 2020 as well. This year, an increase in the number of international trainings and seminars in foreign languages ​​is expected.

The Training Center provides training, practical exercises and assessment services for certification of seafarers. The center, created in 2014 by the order of the Chairman of the Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping CJSC Rauf Valiyev, is equipped with the latest models of simulators and marine equipment. It also has a modern, specialized pool. The pool provides practical training for local and foreign specialists (sailors) on survival and swimming in the water, evacuation from a crashed helicopter, the rules for using a life raft and a boat.