A seminar on the importance of Life Saving Appliances was held for Marine Academy students


The seminar was held for the students of the Azerbaijan State Marine Academy of the Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company (ASCO).

The seminar provided an introduction to the importance of IMO’s (International Maritime Organization) SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea International Convention) Life Saving Appliances.

The two-hour seminar was provided by Captain Titos Giannakakis.

During the seminar, students were introduced to the importance of Life Saving Appliances and how these appliances were improved in design to match the technological advances of ships. Furthermore, the participants were informed about the changes in design of life saving appliances to facilitate crew safety on board.

The seminar was conducted in an interactive way allowing students to ask questions and receive answers about the topic.

Source: http://asco.az/en/a-seminar-on-the-importance-of-life-saving-appliances-was-held-for-marine-academy-students/