Overhaul of the Towing and Supply Vessel Gultekin Askarova Completed


Major overhaul of “Gultekin Askarova” towing and supply vessel, belonging to Offshore Fleet of Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company (ASCO), has been accomplished. The vessel was repaired at the “Bibiheybat” Ship Repair Yard.

The main and auxiliary engines, steam boiler, windlass, spindle installation, oil and water coolers, air cylinder fittings, pumps for various purposes, separators, compressors, auxiliary engine generators, electric motors and piping systems were repaired. At the same time, automation and navigation equipment and electrical parts were checked and repaired.

The crew rooms were supplied with new furniture. Bathrooms and dining rooms, as well as  waterproof doors, windows, and ventilation covers have also been repaired.

To check the technical condition of the underwater part, the ship was raised to the shipyard, bottom-side reinforcement and protective devices were repaired, damaged metal shields and protective metal belts were replaced on the surface and underwater parts of the ship. After completion of the cleaning and painting, the protective wheels on each side were renewed.

The vessel was successfully tested on water.

The “Gultekin Askarova” vessel, like other ASCO towing and supply vessels, will participate in the supply of oil and gas production facilities at sea, the towing of heavy structures, drilling rigs, as well as the transportation of anchors.