Azerbaijani Border Service rescues foreign sailors in Caspian Sea


Azerbaijan’s State Border Service continues rescue operations and control over the vessels that have entered the Caspian Sea. Report informs citing the press service of the State Border Service, that, on December 1, information was received that four crew members of Iran’s bulk carrier Paya, sailing to Hovsan – Iranian citizens Abditazekhabadi Omid Hossein, born in 1976, Darzirekavanda Reze Soleimani, born in 1991 , Mosleh Wahid Gafari, born in 1987, Zarin Abkenar Ali, born in 1991 felt bad and had a fever.

The Border Control of the State Border Service, together with the port authorities, took immediate measures, arranging the delivery of crew members to the Musa Nagiyev Clinical Emergency Medical Hospital.

On the same day, at about 18:25 the National Center of the State Maritime Agency sent information to the Main Command and Control Center of the Coast Guard of the State Border Service about the need to assist the crew member of the Russian cargo ship Omsky-136, sailor Zubankov Yefim Vladimirovich, born in 1982, whose condition deteriorated sharply due to increased pressure. Immediate measures were taken to evacuate the patient; he was delivered to the port of Hovsan, and from there to the medical facility, on the patrol boat of the Coast Guard of the State Border Service.