Zakharova: High Level Working Group on Caspian Sea issues working actively


The First Caspian Economic Forum will give a powerful impetus to trade and economic cooperation of the Caspian countries, Spokesperson of the  Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said at a briefing.

“The first Caspian Economic Forum will be held in Turkmenistan on August 12. This is a large-scale event, which is designed to give a powerful impetus to trade, economic and investment cooperation in the Caspian,” Zakharova said. According to her, the forum will be preceded by a meeting of ministers of economy and transport ministers of the Caspian five countries.

“The high-level interstate working group on Caspian Sea issues, created under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in accordance with last year’s decision of the presidents of the Caspian littoral countries, worked actively. The five-party talks stipulated by the Convention on an agreement on a methodology for establishing direct baselines in the Caspian have begun, work is underway on the text of an agreement on cooperation in search and rescue, in the field of maritime transport, scientific research, maritime safety, the fight against poaching and drug trafficking,” Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson noted.

Zakharova noted that the Russian side fully supports the dynamic multidisciplinary cooperation of the coastal countries.