Environmental Control Service intensifies activity in Turkmen sector of Caspian Sea


The Caspian Environmental Control Service actively participates in the process of maintaining the ecological balance of the environment in the Turkmen sector of the Caspian Sea, Trend reports referring to Neytralni Turkmenistan newspaper.

Most industrial enterprises located in this zone have treatment facilities reusing water for agricultural needs.

There is a need to further improve the collection and recycling of industrial and household waste as far as industrial production increases. With this purpose, the effective methods of neutralization, centralized collection and burial of waste are actively developed.

The mobile sludge processing unit, which has been recently launched at a refinery in Turkmenbashi city, can be cited as an example, the news report says. Toxic waste at industrial facilities is transferred to the specialized enterprises for storage and for further processing or sale.

Liquid, solid, domestic and other waste on the territory of the Turkmenbashi international seaport, as well as the waste received from foreign ships, is collected by the waste collection vessel to be transported to the special places.

A big gas chemical cluster has been recently formed in the coastal zone.