Turkmenistan conducting environmental monitoring in Caspian Sea


The Caspian Environmental Service (CaspEcoControl) in Turkmenistan is conducting state supervision on environmental protection in territorial waters and on the Turkmen coast of the Caspian Sea, Trend reports with reference to the Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper.

The service controls compliance with environmental laws in the Caspian region of the country, rational use of land and water resources and holds inventory of onshore pollution objects. The article reads that a large-scale program of technical re-equipment is being implemented at a refinery in Turkmenbashi city.

“The introduction of petrochemical and fuel units for supply of recycling water, industrial pressure sewage and modern sewage treatment facilities into the technological scheme significantly reduced the risks of harmful substances entering the soil, groundwater and atmosphere,” the report said.

The Caspian Environmental Service organizes audits of enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership on compliance with regulatory documents in the development and implementation of environmental protection measures. The objects of supervision include, on the one hand, economic complexes and settlements and, on the other hand, biological and mineral resources, flora and fauna. The service has a mobile environmental laboratory and stationary environmental posts for automatic monitoring.

In particular, regular environmental monitoring of the quality of the atmosphere, soil cover, surface and groundwater, transportation and disposal of waste, ensuring a “zero discharge” of harmful substances into the environment is carried out in the Turkmenbashi International Seaport.

This was also facilitated by the modernization of the factory desalination plant, overhaul of the drainage system and reconstruction of the onshore oil pipelines at the Kenar plant for the shipment and storage of petroleum products.